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Haiku writing game to be released in Japan


In 1689, Japanese poet Basho Matsuo embarked on a 150-day walking journey from Tokyo through the northern regions of Japan. His experiences were recorded in Oku no Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Deep North) and is sprinkled with haiku poetry. The work is one of the most famous pieces of classical Japanese literature, required reading for young students throughout the country.

In 2006 a publishing company released a new edition of the classic that allowed readers to trace Matsuo's words in a slow, deliberate pace. The book was a huge hit, and now game developer Success has announced a DS version to be released later this month. Enpitsu de Oku no Hosomichi DS features a full musical score, watercolor-style illustrations, and readings by actor Nakamura Toru. Players hold the system sideways and trace kanji on the touch screen.

It may seem like an elaborate set-up to push an eBook, but given the success of the print version, Enpitsu will end up another runaway hit. Just don't expect an English version. Ever.

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