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Hour of Victory coming June 22, demo next week

Justin McElroy

Gather your brothers in arms into a company of heroes and get ready to answer the call of duty to earn a medal of honor, Hour of Victory is coming June 22. If you're unconvinced that you want to make the 60-year-long journey back to WWII yet again, you'll get a chance to sample Midway's Unreal Engine 3-based FPS next Wednesday with an Xbox Live demo.

In case you've forgotten (and who could blame you?) HoV's gimmick is that players switch between three different types of soldiers like the Army Ranger and British Commando to accomplish their goals. You'll be able to play all three types in the demo and, one would assume, get a good sense of what the game is all about. Hopefully you'll be able to tell if your hour of victory will be when you drive to the store to buy the game or stay home to get some extra sleep.

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