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Jolly good show: new cricket game announced

Jem Alexander

Codemasters has announced that a new Brian Lara cricket game will be released on the PSP in time for summer. With the full title of Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play, it seems that this game will allow for short bursts of "under pressure" gameplay, rather than just full matches. The game will feature missions that cover bowling, fielding and batting. Or "every nuance of cricket," as the press release put it.

As well as the Pressure Play missions, the game will include a full ICC Cricket World Cup mode. This will contain player data and fully licensed likenesses from 240 international players and 16 full teams. ICC Cricket World Cup mode will be multiplayer via ad-hoc connection where you can have warm-up matches and recreate your favourite games from the world cup itself. Sounds intriguing enough ... but, we're not really interested by cricket. If you are and this sounds exactly your cup of tea, then let us know.

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