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Lionhead talks emotion in new Fable 2 video diary

Justin McElroy

We've got to be honest, we felt a bit like a really bad blind date watching this first installment in a new series of video diaries from Lionhead about Fable 2. Yes, we're trying to listen to everything you're saying about the difficulty of replicating love in a game, but our brains are just a bit occupied by unbridled lust to pay attention. To put it bluntly, we can't keep our eyes from wandering to your chest 3D engine.

The beauty part is that despite our lecherous behavior, Molyneux still gives it up at the end of the video with just under a minute of slow pans over the revamped Bowerstone Market and Brightwood. Why Lionhead, giving it up on the first date? We haven't even given you 30 boxes of chocolate and flexed 50 times yet. We've got download links below, but you can also get the video on XBL Marketplace.

Download - "Emotions in Action Games" HD 720P
Download - "Emotions in Action Games" High
Stream - "Emotions in Action Games" High

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