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NEC integrates more components into 'system-on-glass' LCDs

Darren Murph

NEC's relatively low-key system-on-glass technology is getting a substantial upgrade today, as the company announced that it has "developed an LCD module that incorporates all chips, including the LSI, with memory on the glass substrate." Current LCD modules have the pixel-driving chips right on the glass with LSI / memory embedded on a "separate board and attached to the module," but this new approach enables the firm to cram DRAM, DACs, and other necessary functions onto a polysilicon thin film right on the glass. The prototype device is a 1.1-inch TFT LCD display with 160 x 120 pixels and DRAM that can store a meager 230-kilobytes on data, and while the company is unsurprisingly dubbing it the "world's first" of its kind, the commercial realm won't be seeing an end product for a good "two to three years."

[Via Nikkei]

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