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Peace in the valley


Patch 2.1 has brought something to my PVP realm I thought I'd never see again -- a state of truce. At least in Blade's Edge Mountains, everyone is busy working on the new Ogri'la quests, and since the "item drops" off the outdoor gronn bosses are lootable ... well, we've had some interesting groups.

A tauren warrior and my rogue teamed up with a gnome warrior, dwarf rogue, human rogue and human pally to take down the extremely annoying shadowbolt AOE ogre. We would have gone further if the gnome warrior hadn't left, leaving us with three rogues, a great tank, and a healer unable to heal said tank. It almost makes me wish you had the ability to heal PVP opponents, although I can see how that would be annoying in some ways (an Alliance attacking an unpopular Horde member, healed by a couple Horde priests, for example.)

I haven't yet been to Skettis or Shadowmoon Valley, but I'd imagine it was the opposite there. With people competiting for Netherdrake resources and arakkoa kills. A correspondent reported that SMV was fairly quiet, but Skettis was a hotbed of PVP (mostly, he admitted, initiated by him.) How is it on your server -- peaceful or vicious?

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