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RapidWeaver 3.6 released

David Chartier

Realmac Software today has released the much-anticipated new version of RapidWeaver, their powerful WYSIWYG software that does a great job of filling the gap between iWeb and Dreamweaver. This new v3.6 ushers in a significant list of new features, such as:

  • Themes Styles - no more digging in HTML and CSS to customize your theme (unless you really want to)
  • 6 completely new themes
  • Snippets - manage chunks of frequently used code instead of copy/pasting or constantly re-typing
  • New Flash Slideshow - completely rewritten and can now pull images from a Flickr feed
  • Improved blog, including tags and inline comment support
  • Easy creation of Lists
  • Detailed Publishing
  • And much, much more

Also, due to RapidWeaver's "skyrocketing" popularity, RealMac Software introduced a redesigned website today that includes a full-featured add-ons section where users can browse themes, plug-ins and code snippets, which of course also means 3rd parties nowhave one central RapidWeaver community where the can highlight their products.

With everything involved, I can completely understand Realmac Software's decision to make v3.6 a paid upgrade - current users (including MacHeist owners) can purchase a v3.6 license for $25, while a full license costs $49. A demo is of course available, so head over to the shiny new Realmac Software site to see everything RapidWeaver has to offer.

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