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Sanyo Katana II met by the FCC's warm embrace

Chris Ziegler

The Katana II has been a rumored device on Sprint for quite some time, but what we haven't been able to find out is whether it makes good on the original Katana's critical failure to include 3G. The device was originally billed as a low-cost alternative to the RAZR, but let's be honest: the RAZR ain't the king of the hill anymore, and EV-DO is finally a commodity feature in even entry-level CDMA handsets. Sadly, the Katana II's FCC filing doesn't shed any light on the sitch -- all we know is that it's a CDMA handset with Bluetooth -- but we do get a handful of sketches in the ID label documentation (think of it as a sort of color-by-number Katana II, minus the numbers). If the original rumors hold true, expect the phone to hit as soon as June.

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