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Sly Cooper 4 coming to the PS3, apparently

Nick Doerr

Who remembers playing a game with a handicapped turtle, a sneaky raccoon, a giant hippo ... did we mention a turtle in a wheelchair? Yes, boys and girls, Sly 3 was a pretty funny game. What separates the Sly Cooper series from a lot of other franchises is that the characters build from previous games -- after an unfortunate accident at the end of the second game, Bentley is stuck in a wheelchair and you actually get to take control of the new and improved character in the next game. Stuff like that is hard to come by and really makes a title stand out.

That is why when we heard a Sly 4 was coming to the PlayStation 3, we nodded our heads in praise and continued to eat Combos. Delicious and disgusting at the same time. Speaking of "at the same time," a PSP game with the Sly name will be released simultaneously with the PS3 game and the two will feature some sort of connectivity.

In any case, the developers have issued this statement regarding their ambitions for the PS3 game: "the graphics have been majorly overhauled and the gameplay will be more varied and focused this time around. We're aiming for a fully interactive 3D world, with no loads and seamless interaction between settings and characters." We're looking forward to sneaking around and smacking people with giant wooden rods!

[via Joystiq]

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