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Twinbird's SD ZABADY DAP sheds water

Darren Murph

Twinbird's no stranger to the land of waterproof gizmos, and the company's latest device to shed water with grace is the SD ZABADY. This digital audio player comes in black or silver color schemes, houses 128MB of internal storage capacity, handles SD cards up to 2GB in size, and plays nice with both MP3 and WMA formats. Additionally, it sports an external LCD, built-in speakers, USB 2.0 connectivity, and a reported playback time of around 18-hours. The best part, however, is its ability to hold out water from seeping in whilst submerged in up to one meter of liquid for a half hour, meaning that it's the perfect shower singing companion if you're not up to purchasing in-tub speakers for your bathroom. Look for the SD ZABADY to hit Japanese streets later this week for ¥15,000 ($123), and click on through for a few more snaps.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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