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CNET's best video game controllers of all time


CNET UK recently unveiled a "totally subjective" top five list of the best video game controllers of all time. Heading the pack is Atari's one-button joystick, joined by the SNES controller, and the N64 and PS2 controllers. Surprisingly enough, the Xbox 360 pad lands on the list for being the first to make wireless design a standard. The Wii remote was mentioned but quickly dismissed, as it hasn't been around long enough to prove itself as a revolutionary device.

It's a rather obvious list that omits innovation in favor of time-tested design. Atari's joystick was nothing short of groundbreaking in its day, as were the SNES and N64 controllers. And we're just broken to bits that the PS3 boomerang never had the chance to fight for a spot on this list.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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