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A Nintendo tribute on the best sort of canvas


Reader Núshio is never one to hold back (just check out his comments!), and when it comes to painting his DS with his love of Nintendo, that's a good thing. He and his friend Kiwii undertook a project of epic proportions that turned this DS into a monument to fanboyism -- and that's something we can get behind.

This paint job (which looks so sweet next to New Super Mario Bros.) isn't quite finished -- the pair plans to redo the whole thing, as they noticed some discoloration after the application of a coat of gloss -- but Núshio had some great tips to offer up for those who are considering a similar project:

  1. Get decent paint. I used 'Vinci.' Never again!
  2. Be patient.
  3. Be careful when disassembling the DS (he used tutorials from YouTube).
  4. Don't get mad, get even. Keep track of every single bit and piece of plastic.
  5. Once complete, it's a real rewarding experience.
And we'd like to add #6 -- it probably helps when you have a friend with spare artistic talent just lying about (Kiwii), and the patience to actually keep up with all those tiny pieces (our own Núshio). The finished product certainly looks rewarding, and there's nothing like displaying your love and loyalty right on the back of your favorite gaming device. Of course, now we expect all of you to go forth and pretty up your Phats and Lites, so we can ogle your work. Until then you can watch Núshio's DS undergo its metamorphosis in the gallery below.

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