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Rumor has it the PS3's SIXAXIS ready to rumble this year

Ryan Block, @ryan

While it's indeed completely plausible -- even likely -- that we'll see rumble in the SIXAXIS this year courtesy of Sony's new deal with Immersion, it's also important to remember there are many kinds of rumor, and the type that originates from internet message boards, well, just don't say we didn't clarify where this one came from. According to a GameFAQs posting, the new issue of PSM itself is supposedly publishing what they too identify as a rumor that Sony's set to announce SIXAXIS rumble for the PS3 at E3 in July, which will have new controllers land on November 13th. So hey take this rumor within a rumor how you will, but Sony's got to announce something at E3, don't they?

[Via Joystiq]

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