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Series 60 handsets see SMS trojan virus


We've got to file this new mobile virus named "Trojan-SMS.SymbOS.Viver" -- and the first such SMS Trojan for Series 60 -- under "frustrating waste of time." Sadly, it is most often the user at fault for downloading for granting a bit of dodgy software access to their darling mobile, and while we do feel the sadness for ya if you get stung, if ya takes the risks, ya pays the consequences. Once installed on the Series 60 device, the trojan will begin sending SMS messages to "premium" SMS numbers at a cost of anywhere from $1 to more than $10 bucks a pop. The clever perp would have set up this number ahead of time and would reap the rewards by splitting the bounty with the mobile operator providing the number. We're pretty sure you could get a chargeback for this type of silliness, but will thank our lucky stars that this is apparently limited to Russia at the moment with nothing -- as of yet, anyway -- being reported over here.

[Via Unwired View]

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