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Silverlight brings Windows Media Streaming from MS

Mat Lu

Over at mac mojo, the Microsoft Mac Business Unit blog, Blair Neumann is expressing his excitement about Silverlight. As we mentioned before, Silverlight is Microsoft's cross-platform, Flash alternative, which is now available in beta form for both Safari and Firefox. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this (as Eddie Hargreaves over at the Apple Blog points out) is that Silverlight will return official Microsoft support for Windows Media streaming to the Mac, "including HD video up to 720p." Since Microsoft stopped development of the Windows Media Player for Mac the primary Windows Media solution on the Mac has been from Flip4Mac (and indeed Microsoft is itself distributing the Flip4Mac plugin). Nonetheless, I still regularly run into problems trying to stream Windows Media videos, so this has to be taken as good news. Unfortunately, however, Microsoft is apparently not going to support PPC Macs in future releases of Silverlight (via Gruber).

Silverlight is a free download from Microsoft.

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