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The SGH-E210: Samsung does low-end fashion, too

Chris Ziegler

Samsung's Ultra Edition handsets continue to amaze with each new entry, but if you look a rungs down on the pricing ladder, the selection gets a whole heck of a lot more boring. Particularly in North America, the midrange and entry-level offerings out of Korea's number 1 tend to concentrate more on familiarity and predictability than on innovation or style. Don't get us wrong, we're certain there's a large, healthy demographic for that -- but for the rest of us, we wouldn't mind putting something sweet in our pockets without shelling out a ton of coin. Enter the upcoming E210, a fabulous lookin' flip that should allegedly run around €150 (about $200) unsubsidized. The primary screen is a 160 x 120 OLED while the outside makes do with a 96 x 96 monochrome type; the 1.3 megapixel camera can capture 15fps video at 176 x 144, and microSD comes through when the 10MB of internal storage doesn't cut it. Bluetooth is always welcome, too, and though the triband GSM radio means we won't be seeing this one stateside, we can hope that it's a good sign for Samsung's low-end design direction down the pike.

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