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Blizzard files lawsuit against gold spammer

Dan O'Halloran

We knew Blizzard implemented filters with Patch 2.1 to reduce in-game spam from gold sellers. But we didn't know that they are taking the fight into the real world as well.

Eyonix has reported that Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against one of the gold spammers who have caused us so much in-game grief. If the seller does not stop its in-game spamming of whispers and non-stop in-game mail spam, Blizzard is hauling them to federal court. Yes, that's right, federal court.

And in case you are still getting whispers from gold sellers after the latest patch, Blizzard has a new solution for you. Right click on their name on your chat screen. A list of commands will appear. Click on "Report Spam." This will not only report them automatically to the GMs, it will block all further whispers and mail from that player. No more trying to report intentionally hard to spell names.

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