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Stealth Computer's LPC-450 mini PC

Darren Murph

Itching for something to match real pretty with your $1,195 Stealth Computer keyboard? If so, the very same company has recently unveiled a miniature PC that costs just marginally more than the 'board itself, but the LPC-450 packs some pretty decent specs into a battle-ready 5.7- x 9.9- x 1.65-inch enclosure. The slightly unattractive case can pack a wide range of Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, up to 1GB of RAM, a DVD writer, between 80GB and 160GB of hard drive space (or an SSD for a serious upcharge), your choice of operating system, Intel's GMA950 integrated graphics set, gigabit Ethernet, and a plethora of ports including audio in / out, VGA out, a trio of USB 2.0 ports, RS232, FireWire, and even a parallel printer port for kickin' it like it's 1995. The case itself is said to be made of "rugged extruded aluminum," and the only fan noise should come from the one keeping the CPU from getting too toasty. Stealth's wee machine can be picked up now for just under $1,400 in the base configuration, but specing it out like you truly desire will push things quite a bit higher.

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