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RAZR 2 V8 gets hands-on review


MobileBurn got themselves a hands-on with the hot new Motorola RAZR 2 V8 --- if you don't think it's hot, at least admit that it's what the original RAZR should have been. The most notable change is obvious, and very welcome: no more hump, chin, or lump used to accommodate the chunky internals. The semi-touch screen is also an interesting variation on the usual touchscreen style, with tactile buzzing feedback when one of the three touch buttons on the external screen are pressed. The pre-production model had a poor shutter button, which is a bit of a disappointment since this is usually a well used button, and considering the effort put into the external screen. (Let's hope that this'll get fixed for production models.) The reviewers found that the main keypad was great, with a not-too-rubbery feel, and the UI is an improvement in all the areas that count -- snappy, clear, and customizable. The refinements make the RAZR2 V8 sound like a winner to us: a pity it had to be such a long time coming.

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