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Singing a new Forest Song

Amanda Rivera

And so, in my quest for a cross-racial mount, I took my level 36 Draenei priest to Ashenvale. Now, this is a zone I really don't enjoy playing in. The map discovery is very difficult, the terrain is tough to traverse, and everything is so spread out it takes forever to complete quests. I have not quested in this zone for about a year or more. All of my Night Elf alts I have leveled in human lands because I know the quests so well. But, like I said, I am on a personal quest to get my priest a palomino at 40, and so I trudged on into Ashenvale with a heavy heart.

In Astranaar I met up with Vindicator Palanaar (whose name seems an odd coincidence, don't you think?) who sent me on to Forest Song. Here is where I roll my eyes and groan, but travel out to Forest Song I did. What I was expecting to find was one random guy with two quests and a whole vacant ruin to himself. What I did find was something completely different. The Silverwing Sentinels are there, as is an ancient protector, not to mention a whole heap of Draenei. They even added a flight point. The area has been fixed.

The quests as I started to do them reminded me a lot of the Draenei starting zone. They are tight, easy to accomplish, and steeped in lore. I stood in awe of the game design team in their desire to improve existing content.

I cannot explain how delighted I am that a place I dreaded is now a questing area I enjoy. I feel like I was given Forest Song back. I must now apologize to Ashenvale, because my previous bias is now going to get a serious revamp of its own.

Are there any areas like this that you have found to be improved? Have you been "given back" an area that you found previously less than stellar?

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