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A couple Vodafone networks get the HTC Vox

Chris Ziegler

For fans of Windows Mobile's Smartphone (or "Standard," if you prefer) variant, the Vox pretty much represents the pinnacle of the platform's evolution. HTC's always been good at letting users of its devices have their cake and eat it too -- the Vox is no exception, rocking a numeric keypad up top and a slide-out QWERTY for when the texting starts to get intense. Unfortunately, the phone is still a bit scarce, so there's nothing like news of its release somewhere in the world to perk us up a smidge. This time around Vodafone's German and British outposts are the lucky winners (or their customers are, we guess), offering the Vox as the "VDA V" and "v1415" respectively. The German version goes for €209.50 (about $281) on contract, while Brits have a bit cheaper go at it, ranging from free to £25.53 (about $51) depending on the contract selected. Enjoy, folks; meanwhile, our patient wait continues.

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