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Breakfast Topic: WTB guild silliness, PST


Well, okay, maybe not buy, but I'm all about trading stories! For example, it's my belief that some of the best World of Warcraft posts never see the light of day. Why? Because they're closeted on guild forums, safe from prying eyes. But you know you all have seen them. These threads take on Legendary Thread status within our respective guilds, and grow into in-jokes over time.

Here's one of my favorite of the recent posts I've seen on my guild's forums that has exploded into a truly silly string of "contest" posts. This original post was made by my Rogue class leader when he was looking for a Blinkstrike to call his very own.

Enter the "Win a Free Pocket Rogue" Sweepstakes!

That's right! A bright shiny Pocket Rogue can now be yours!

Just imagine: having your own private Rogue to farm materials*, gold, or reputation** for you! He slices! He dices! He uses other skills too!

To enter, just send [Blinkstrike] to J via in-game mail or hand it to him in person! Every entry is a winner!***


1. Only guild members or friends of the guild may enter the sweepstakes. I don't want to hear about someone selling this item in /trade or on the AH, unless they're selling it for less than 1000G.

2. I'm happily married, and for all most of you know, I'm a one-eyed sanitation worker from you can just put those thoughts right out of your head.

3. The contest winner will have their choice of one of the following prizes: 3000 Gold, to be paid in daily installments; the completion of their Aldor or Scryer faction grind via BOE drops; crafting materials of the winner's choice equating (FMV) to 3000 Gold which can be reasonably acquired by a solo Rogue; any reasonable combination of the three agreed on by both the winner and yours-truly.

4. I'm well aware of the theorycraft surrounding the weapons I choose. My current MH is arguably "better" than [Blinkstrike]...but my current MH also looks like rock-candy-ass with a hilt.

5. The contest will end once any of the following conditions are met: a) someone comes up with this drop and contacts me; b) I find the drop myself; c) I find it on the AH at a price I can afford.

6. For anyone who hasn't gotten the gist of this yet: this is basically a vanity weapon for me, but I'd like folks to know I'm looking for it in case someone in the guild (or one of our friends) gets hold of one. I am serious about the compensation, though.

* I don't have any gathering professions whatsoever. Herbs, ore, skins, and so forth are prohibited.

** Certain factions (i.e. all of them except the Aldor and the Scryer) prohibited.

*** Only the first entry is a winner, actually. I'm only looking for one of these. See the "Official Contest Rules" for more details.

Now I know I cannot be the only person out there with some truly silly guild mates. Share some guild forum post silliness with the rest of us and help us pass Monday morning with some laughs! (By the way, I am so not responsible if folks get in trouble for laughing out loud -- and thereby get busted for being on WoW Insider!)

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