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Kinda crappy controller caddies

Eric Caoili

Demand for a remote and nunchuck carrying case might not actually exist, but that hasn't stopped other trivial Wii-themed products from hitting the market. The pouch's white cover features some slick, unmarked lineart and the knockoff u-umlaut logo we've all grown to love; it's almost enough to make us overlook its $10 pricing on eBay (shipping included). We've got more photos and packaging shenanigans after the post break, in case you were wondering.

Right on cue, there's the Wii Sports branding! They're just pasting these things on willy-nilly, aren't they? Or should we say wiily-niily? It's a good thing we waited until after the post break to tell that lame joke.

And check out the Wü imprint being severed by the metal clip. Couldn't they have just moved it to the the top right corner where the logo would've lived its life unperturbed? Wild!

The Smoky Discount Super Store's carrying case shown in the bottom photos sports the same design, but with different markings. In addition to its cheaper-looking packaging, the controller bag replaces our favorite bootleg emblem with some awfully-kerned Wii text. Sorry, but we'd rather stick with the bogus branding. Wü-Tang Forever!

[Via Ruliweb, Kuen2008]

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