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Nokia 8600 goes up for preorder

Chris Ziegler

Yo, Nokia, anyone home? One of the world's largest independent retailers of cellphones is thoroughly outing your 8600 here, and you seem to just be sitting idly by without an official announcement in sight. No bother; we guess the important thing is the phone, not the announcement -- we're just not totally used to it going down this way. As a refresher, the 8600 (codenamed "Luna") looks to be Nokia's newest piece of high-end envy, likely slotting in just below the 8800 Sirocco to satisfy the needs of the "I can't quite afford a Vertu" set. Carphone Warehouse's preorder site confirms that it'll have a 2 megapixel camera, 128MB of onboard storage, media player with integrated FM radio, A2DP, and a quadband GSM radio -- refreshing to see after North America got slighted with the Sirocco's tri-band internals. Depending on the selected O2 plan, prices range from zilch all the way up to £299.99 (about $596). For a phone this attractive, we're really liking the sound of "free."

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