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CNET offers HDTV suggestions for your PS3

Peter Vrabel

The first purchase of an HDTV can be stressful, especially factoring in the plethora of options, specifications, screen sizes, manufacturers and types of HDTV technology. Knowing which HDTV is best suited for gaming and the Blu-ray experience can be daunting so we're absolutely delighted to see assistance and suggestions on HDTV selection. CNET's latest recommendations came out about a week ago but it's a great read. They appear to favor LCD technology, with two recommended sets from Samsung and one from Sharp. Sony's own XBR line provides the LCoS/SXRD alternative, while Panasonic brings up two fine looking plasma sets. While these reviews are quite in-depth, it would be highly recommended to view the set yourself before making any snap judgments.

In case you seek additional help, we've linked additional reading for your research. HDTV Q&A
PS3 Forums HDTV Suggestions
AVS Forum PS3, HDMI and HDTV compatibility

As always, we're curious to learn more about our community and welcome feedback. Which HDTV are you using (or do you plan to use) for all your PS3 pleasures?

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