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Croft's Anniversary gains Steam


Lara's throwing her big Anniversary bash and it looks like every conceivable outlet who can sell or run the game is invited to the party. We've got typical retail, GameTap and now Steam is in there too. Everyone into the pool on June 5 for Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Just make sure you take a buddy, because you might drown from all the people crowded in there.

We can't help but wonder if this is the nature of things to come. This is the first explicit moment of a trifecta release. Retail, digital distribution (Steam) and subscription service distribution (GameTap). That's just for PC. The PS2 and PSP editions come in their standard box at retail format. We still find it strange that the game still hasn't been announced for the Xbox 360. If it gets announced for XBLA, that's it, we'll have officially entered a new era of game distribution.

[Via Press Release]

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