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GameTap officially getting Grimm


GameTap announced today that they'll publish Grimm by American McGee. The 24 episode action/adventure game was re-confirmed after McGee sorta let the grandma out of the wolf last week. Expect the game to follow in McGee's Tim Burton-style treatment of Alice. The game is being developed by McGee's Shanghai studio Spicy Horse and will start on GameTap next year.

Hopefully GameTap will keep McGee on track in terms of content and release schedule. So far, we can't complain about GameTap, which has brought us the only true episodic gaming experience we've seen so far with Sam & Max. An episode a month with a solid release schedule -- exactly what this whole episodic gaming concept was supposed to be about (and yes, we're looking at you Valve -- per usual). Oh, also, we know Pinnochio isn't a Grimm tale, but that's the art we've got for the game, go take it up with McGee. What we really want to know about is the "words as weapons" mechanic in the game. Action/adventure meets Typing of the Dead -- we're so there!

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