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It came from the Blog: Serving Azeroth's orphans

Mike Schramm

Big thanks to everyone who came out and played with us, the WoW Insider staff, in our new guild on the Horde side of Zangarmarsh last night. I'm playing an undead priest named Mikril, and I had a good time questing around with a shaman named Gambu (he made a good tank). All told, we picked up almost 60 guildmembers in our first night, and even rolled a few people to 10 so they could run orphans around Azeroth for the last day of Children's Week. We'll continue to keep the guild running for some fun and casual gameplay, so If you want to join up, just roll a toon on the Horde side of Zangarmarsh and send a whisper to anyone in "It came from the Blog."

We are keeping it totally and completely casual -- I don't want to give up on my own usual characters, and you likely don't want to give up yours -- so there's absolutely no pressure to level up at all. We're just planning on making it a fun place to hang out once a week or so. While we will probably be around at various times throughout the week (I'll be working my way up to 19 so I can get a good WSG group going), our next organized game night will be Wednesday, June 6th at 7 pm EST. The Darkmoon Faire will be in Elywnn Forest then, I'm told, so we'll lead a Horde lowbie party into the Human starting area to run some tonk wars, shoot the cannon, drink some ale (and start some drunken fights with Alliance), and have a grand ol' time.

So mark your calendar, and in the meantime feel free to roll your own alt and come join us on Zangarmarsh. When you need a break from hardcore endgame raiding, or just want to come meet and greet all of us here at WoW Insider, we'll see you there.

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