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QiGO announces Internet Content Keys

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ah, the grand tradition of moving the virtual into the physical world for we don't entirely know what reason; new firm QiGO's on the scene with its Internet Content Keys, which serve the purpose of foregoing logins and passwords for providing key-recipients access to premium internet content. (Example: get a branded Slate 1yr subscription QiGO key, pop it in your computer and you're off without logging in.) Sure, it's a sensible idea until you remember binding internet products and services to physical artifacts works fine the first time, but progressively suckier the second, third, and tenth time... or whenever you leave your home, want to use said service on another machine, etc. Hey, just saying, if you want to gift someone access to some premium internet content, it's probably best done with an email invite or (gasp) one-time-use code.

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