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Sony's VRD-MC5 DVD burner: one-touch HD copies for AVCHD Handycams


If you're thinking of picking up one Sony's new AVCHD high-definition camcorders then you'll want to give the VRD-MC5 accessory a peep. The burner features PC-less, one-touch HD-quality dubbing when connected to over USB to your new HDR-SR5, HDR-SR7, HDR-SR8, and HDR-CX7 Handycam. The unit packs a 2.5-inch LCD, Firewire and S-Video inputs, and plenty of memory slots including SDHC/SD, xD, and compact flash in addition to Sony's proprietary formats. It'll even write to those wee 8cm DVDs just like Sony's DVD camcorders. Sorry, no Blu-ray Discs here, and it won't run from battery. Available August 10th for an estimated ¥30,000 or about $247.

[Via Impress]

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