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This Wednesday: Mad Tracks races onto XBLA


Tomorrow at 2AM Pacific get ready to race in Mad Tracks, the party racing game coming to XBLA. The title was certified a couple weeks ago and quickly turned the bend to release. The game will have six races and nine mini-games. It'll allow for four-player racing both online and off to use the 12 stackable power-ups (rockets, oil drop, EMP) against your friends. There will be 12 achievements to unlock with a 200 gamerscore total. All this for the cost of a little less than four gallons of gas, 800 MS points ($10).

They also say to keep a lookout for new tracks coming soon. The Bravo and Encore expansion packs are coming in the "near future" for 350 MS points ($4.37) each. The expansion packs will include 15 tracks each and extra mini-games. Think there might be some way to just combine it all and not make us relive the Lumines debacle all over again?

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