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Company of Heroes producer creates new studio, working on mystery game


A rather cryptic press release was sent out today hinting at a new development studio led by the producer of the "most critically acclaimed real-time strategy game of all time". According to Gamerankings, that title goes to Company of Heroes, and the producer is John Johnson. The website was listed in the release (a quick whois search reveals Johnson owns the domain), inviting everyone to "confirm the first clue and break the puzzle".

Pick apart the password to gain access to the map shown above. We're assuming the "activation threshhold" shown at the bottom of the screen, 12211, is a hit counter and not the date January 22, 2011. Once the number is met, one of two things will happen: candy will rain from the sky, or a few more clues about the studio will be revealed. Sounds like a win-win situation.

[Via Firing Squad]

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