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DS Fanboy poll: Do friend codes ever prevent you from playing online?


We all complain about friend codes sometimes. In fact, it's just about our favorite topic to moan about (except for lamenting the gap between Ace Attorney games). But does the presence of friend codes ever prevent you from playing a DS game online? Have you ever thought, wow, this whole Mario Kart thing is sure awesome, but I think I'll go play something online on my 360 instead?

Certainly someone (and all their friends) is playing online, and it's not just us during Game Night. But is it you?

Do friend codes turn you off Nintendo WiFi?
No, I play online regardless. Nintendo forever!
Sometimes it seems annoying, but I try not to let it deter me.
Between friend codes and dropped connections, I don't play online that often.
Yes, I definitely go online more with other systems.
I don't play online.

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