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Halo 3 chopper, more confirmed

Ross Miller

The Halo 3 news has been gushing out lately, it seems. Scans from the new issue of GamePro magazine have found their way onto The Final Fight forums. Revealed are pictures and details of the Brute Chopper (it's a motorcycle, not a helicopter) and customization options for changing the look of your Spartan (and maybe Elite?) beyond just a palette swap.

Also in the scans:

  • New details on the sword (now with batteries) and a scope-less Magnum.
  • A player-operated second turret added to the Wraith.
  • A radar jammer item, which works just as the name suggests
  • Multiplayer maps Shrine, Epitath, Last Resort (reportedly an upgraded version of Halo 2's Zanzibar) and a mystery map
The images are low resolution, but we're betting higher-quality scans will hit the internets shortly as the latest issue trickles out to subscribers and newsstands. Update: higher-res scans (thanks, zizzy).

[Via Halo Anyone? & Xbox 360 Fanboy; thanks, zizzy]

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