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Samsung i620, the i600's successor?

Chris Ziegler

Thin, yes, but you won't hear many folks call Samsung's SGH-i600 (the BlackJack in these parts) a beautiful phone. With Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and HSDPA, it's very functional -- but the praise stops there. It looks like Samsung's poised to change that all-work-and-no-play image with the i600's alleged successor, though. Pictured above is a phone said to be the SGH-i620, a slider sporting just a 94 x 59mm outline when closed. Despite the tiny dimensions, the i620 maintains its smartphone status and actually one-ups the i600 by coming preinstalled with Windows Mobile 6 Standard. Other specs are up in the air -- Samsung hasn't officially announced this one yet -- but it seems that GSM 850 is nowhere to be found, so unless AT&T wants to have another go at it, we may not be able to use this one over here. The BlackJack has been a strong seller (hint, hint).

[Via the::unwired]

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