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15 percent of Brits polled admit using mobile internet in toilet


Ah yes, toilet Internet -- it doesn't get much better then that when privacy and escaping from strict office 'net policies are key. In a T-Mobile commissioned poll of a couple thousand folks in England, 48 percent of them are using their mobile phones for Internet access at workplaces where Internet use is not allowed or severely limited. Further findings also point out that as many as 25 percent of users know they have access on their handsets, but aren't sure how to use it (we can now start to see how this poll may be helpful to T-Mobile). Armed with these findings T-Mobile has launched the "Set the Internet Free" campaign, and will set you up with its web'n'walk service for only the cost of a trip to your local T-Mobile shop. All of this of course leads to a couple of our own results from this poll: first, get 'em hooked, then raise the tariffs once they've adopted.


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