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Konami still uncertain of Silent Hill 5 platform


Some people really enjoy the comfortable zombie-slaying action of the Resident Evil series. Others, however, prefer the mind-rending psychological nightmare that is Silent Hill. A proper entry in the series hasn't been seen since 2004's Silent Hill 4: The Room, which departed heavily from the typical Silent Hill formula. Ever since, fans have been wondering about the inevitable new-gen sequel without much help from the series' publisher, Konami. In fact, Konami has yet to officially announce the existence of Silent Hill 5 at all. In a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation (unearthed by Silent Hill 5's chief designer, Masahashi Tsuboyama, is nearly as vague as the series itself. When asked about the platforms on which the game might appear, Tsuboyama states that a console has not been chosen. He also says that multi-platform status is not out of the question either. He further adds that the 360 is "definitely a candidate," he likes Blu-Ray, and he believes Silent Hill probably isn't a good fit for the Wii.

So, no definite confirmation then. Fear not Silent Hill aficionados, for there is a ray of hope. Konami's E3 press conference is slated for July 11th. Let's hope we get a real glimpse of Silent Hill 5 by then.

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