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Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword: no multiplayer, no mic gimmicks


Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword sounds cool; and by cool we mean totally sweet. Game Informer got a chance to play an early version, and they had a great time slashing ninjas and dragon bosses with cool stylus moves, and smashing the face buttons to block.

Players will not be able to flip out and kill their friends in-game, as there will be no multiplayer functionality. Team Ninja's larger-than-life Tomonobu Itagaki cited potential issues with "speed and precision on the controls and trying to get it to work" as reasons they didn't pursue online play. On a much happier note, players will not be forced to embarrass themselves in public by blowing on their game systems. Team Ninja considered a microphone gimmick involving yelling, but decided there would be enough going on. That's fine. We're officially tired of the microphone gimmick.

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