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Nokia N75 and N76 now available -- from Nokia USA

Chris Ziegler

For a company that tends to concentrate on candybars and the occasional slider for its smartphone stable, a double shot of S60 flips in the American market is pretty much a bumper crop -- and that's exactly what Nokia's delivering, officially announcing its own availability of the N75 and the N76 today. Notice we say "its own" availability; the N75 has been livin' it up in AT&T's lineup for a few weeks now but it's been nigh impossible to get one contract-free from the carrier, so Nokia's direct sale is a welcome one for folks that just want to buy one outright. Side by side, the N76 solidly whips its stablemate in the looks department, but bear in mind one critical fact: US-usable 3G data lurks underneath the N75's hood. Pick up the N75 for $429.99 and the N76 for $499.99 starting today from Nokia (including the flagship stores in New York and Chicago) and its distributors.

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