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Tomb Raider and Anniversary comparison video


Next week sees the release of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, where Lady Croft goes to the salon and fixes her roots. The video above shows the transformation of the original Tomb Raider into Anniversary. Tomb Raider: Legend (now playable for free on GameTap) reawakened the joy for many in Tomb Raider and reinvigorated the franchise. We're hoping that Anniversary is a fitting tribute to the original but, and this was part of the design behind Anniversary, puts some modern concepts into the gameplay for gamers who are just joining the series post Legend.

We're definitely looking forward to E3 and seeing how far along the Tomb Raider: Legend sequel is. Although not half as painful of a cliffhanger as Halo 2, the ending to Legend (which came about 8 hours too early) was excellent and we were ready to put down the cash for the sequel right there. If Anniversary continues the solid gameplay trend of the new Lara Croft, the future looks bright again for the series.

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