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Gears of War novelization coming, Steven Kent at the helm

While trolling some online book retailers, as video game bloggers are often wont to do, VH1 Gamebreak stumbled across a listing for a novelization of video game-cum-horror movie-cum-science fiction cliché fest, Gears of War. Now, don't get us wrong, we don't mean to imply that we didn't like Marcus Fenix's touching tale of redemption -- in fact, it was our favorite game of last year -- but we never considered the story to be the game's strong point. Why was Marcus Fenix going back to his Dad's house again?

Sure, they're making a movie based on it, but those often show a similar disregard for plot consistency. However, a novel .... The good news is, former games journalist Steven Kent (he wrote this) will be handling the adaptation. But what good is he at communicating the fraternal bond between Marcus and Dom you ask? Well, he also wrote this, which just so happens to be about space marines and was also well received. To be honest, we're just excited to discover why Marcus' childhood home also happened to be the nexus of the battle against the Locust. What are the chances?

[Via VH1 Gamebreak]

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