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Inafune worried about recouping next-gen Mega Man cost


Keije Inafune, who broke away from the legacy of Mega Man with Dead Rising and Lost Planet, says a next-gen Mega Man would be a financial gamble. He estimates a next-gen title starring the blue bomber would cost approximately $15 million. This is the part where it gets weird. Inafune says that from a producer standpoint he's worried about recouping the cost of development and more than once says he's waiting for someone rich to come along and fund it -- and it doesn't have to be Capcom.

"I'm not even saying it has to be Capcom money. It could be EA, actually. I should say a company we have ties with, so maybe Rockstar," Inafune said in an interview with 1UP (video after the break). He believes, from a producer standpoint, the financial risks are too great to make a new Mega Man and says, "Realistically, I would have to say, I would be worried if it would recoup the money we spend."

After that the interview turns into questions about Mega Man Legends 3 and having Inafune draw for the reporters. It is interesting to see the man behind the blue bomber say that a next-gen Mega Man would be a financial gamble. Has the series lost any type of solid financial backing? Is Capcom taking a breather from spending money and upgrading the series to next-gen by focusing on other IPs? Could Inafune just be sick of doing Mega Man? What we do know is that Inafune has plenty on his plate right now with sequels to Dead Rising and the rumored Lost Planet follow up.

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