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Keomo and Aigo both show off new GPS units

Nilay Patel

A pair of nifty GPS devices we'll probably never see on these shores dropped today -- not that we're bitter or anything. First up, although we've seen Aigo flirt with GPS devices in the past, the Chinese manufacturer went all the way at this year's CHITEC trade show in Beijing and unveiled their first dedicated GPS device, the GPS-P370. The 0.8-inch thick unit runs Windows CE on a 266MHz Dragonball processor and features a 3.5-inch touchscreen and 64MB of flash expandable via SD. Not bad, but don't hold your breath waiting for this 1,999 yuan ($261) unit to make it out of Asia.

Those in Europe also scored a new GPS toy today, as Keomo dropped the tiny Bluetooth-enabled MTK. Hyped as the "world's smallest" GPS receiver, the 0.31-inch thick MTK pairs up with a laundry list of smartphones and PDAs to provide you with that sweet location data you crave. Keomo also says a combination of a large battery and intelligent "fuzzy on / off" power software lets the MTK go for up to 200 hours on a charge -- we'll have to see about that. No word on price, but Europeans should start seeing these in stores by late June.

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