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Mercenaries 2 to have no competitive multiplayer

Justin McElroy

Like a long-lost lover seen in our periphery as they board a train to Paris, our dream of teabagging a friend's corpse right after we call an air strike on them continues to flit just out of our reach. Its latest elusion: The exclusion of competitive multiplayer from Mercenaries 2.

Do we take some comfort in the dozens of new weapons mentioned in the Eurogamer interview? The addition of boats? The hundreds of other new vehicles? Sure, some. But it's a cold comfort. And yes, we can already hear you now: "There's cooperative multiplayer, can't you air strike/teabag that way? Isn't that the same?" But that's obviously different. How can you teabag someone without a victory? It's just ... hollow.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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