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Stephen Colbert makes play for iPhone at D5

Chris Ziegler

For most of us, having Steve Jobs' direct attention is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (well, actually, it's a never-in-a-lifetime event for the overwhelming majority of the populace, but stay with us here). Stephen Colbert got his this week, introducing Viacom CEO Phillipe Dauman via video clip at D5. Jobs was, of course, a big player at D, and Colbert did his best to take advantage by suggesting that a gratis iPhone in his pocket -- followed by a mention on his show -- might be just the trick to spurring sales (notice that he's ogling an imaginary iPhone in this screen grab). We suspect the effort was for naught; iPhones are as scarce now as they've ever been, never mind the fact that the media has generated pretty much all the buzz Apple can handle free of charge. Might we suggest working a company that's a little less stingy with prerelease units, Stephen?

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