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The format war: Pirates vs The Matrix

Ben Drawbaugh

In this latest chapter of the format war the BDA is once again patting themselves on the back because according to estimates by Home Media Magazine, the two Pirates movies outsold The Matrix box sets by a margin of over 3 to 1. While both of these titles got a lot of people excited and motivated people to buy, we're not impressed. For starters the box set includes 3 feature films, so 3-1 should be expected. The other important factor is cost, while the Pirates movies sold for $25 each, the box set was closer to $70 (depending on the version). Considering the differences here, we'd say they were pretty even, -- with the slightest edge to Pirates -- but when you consider that one of the Pirates titles was a day-and-date release, this really isn't news at all. What will be interesting is when The Matrix finally gets released on Blu-ray and we get compare title for title after all those new HD DVD players hit the market.

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