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Toshiba's G900 superphone passes FCC muster

Chris Ziegler

FCC ratification really doesn't mean much of anything about a phone's eventual release or non-release stateside, but in this case, we're doing a little jump of joy nonetheless. The reason? Toshiba's do-it-all G900 with slide-out QWERTY, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, WiFi, biometric security, 2 megapixel primary cam, tri-band HSDPA, and a glorious wide VGA display has been stamped with the feds' seal of approval. Yep, we said tri-band HSDPA, so anyone interested in trying their luck at obtaining an import should have no trouble using it here for fast data. We've seen the G900 variously referred to as a Portege and a Satellite -- here it's just called RG4-E02 -- but frankly, they can call it whatever they like and we'll still be happy campers.

Update: Sorry to break hearts here, but it appears that this particular variant of the G900 isn't even remotely bound for US shores; besides failing to support WCDMA 850 / 1900, it doesn't even offer GSM 850. Our apologies for the mix-up; let's hope the next G900 we see in the FCC offers just a little more juice. [Thanks, Mike]

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