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Yet another 360 cooling solution: the XFan


If you're still deathly afraid of your Xbox 360 overheating, then we have a brand new solution for you. Introducing the Titan XFan, a device bulky enough that it's likely to make your power brick jealous. So, what makes the XFan different from the 360-melting NYKO Intercooler? Apart from its arguably more attractive design, the XFan uses the rear USB port for its power needs. The Intercooler, on the other hand, pulled its juice from the power port (which reportedly led to its 360-damaging problems). The XFan also includes a pass-through port that allows you to utilize the rear USB if you need it.

Even with all these spiffy features, we're not exactly clamoring to get one. If you really want to keep your 360 cool, we suggest the simplest solution: plenty of ventilation. Still, if you just have to stick a 3rd party device onto your 360, you might remotely consider possibly thinking about maybe purchasing the XFan when it releases later this month.

[Via TheXboxDomain. Thanks, Michael]

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