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Bloomberg: Wii/PS3 gap continues to widen in Japan


If you are a loyal follower of our weekly Japanese sales numbers then this will come as no shock to you, but for the rest of you ... well, it probably won't come as much of a shock either. put the Japanese sales data together for the month of May (expect the North American NPD data in a couple weeks) and found the Wii outsold the PS3 4:1. That's according to Bloomberg. NextGen reports a 5:1 gap and it's 6:1 if we add up our Japanese sales data. Typically the devil is in the details, but in this case the margin is wide no matter how it's spun.

For the Sony fanboys, there is a silver lining, at least the "true hardware competitor" Xbox 360 only sold 11K, so the PS3 beat that 4:1 or 5:1, depending on who's counting at the time. Of course, the Nintendo DS destroyed everyone with sales of 620,000 units. The PSP sold 123,673. If the Japanese figures foreshadow what NPD is going to tell us in a couple weeks, expect for more calls of a PS3 price-drop along with the requisite gloom and doom. At least HMV thinks the PS3 is selling properly.

[Via NextGen]

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