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Forty-hour DS charger is perfect ... for somebody

Justin McElroy

When we play Puzzle Quest on DS, sometimes we get a little anal. Like staring at the screen-for-hours-trying-to-pick -the-right-move anal ... Bobby Fisher anal. When we get in the zone like this, we don't notice anything, let alone house fires, so keeping the DS plugged into the wall is simply too risky. So we were thrilled, as you might imagine, to hear about this battery pack, which allows us to stare at the screen for up to 40 hours without a charge.

OK, we know what you're thinking. We're stretching. Yeah, well, you got us. Frankly we don't know why you'd need this thing. And if you do, it's probably time to reassess your priorities. Why aren't you ever near an outlet? Are you homeless? If so, why are you buying it? Where will you have it delivered to? The audience this thing is aimed at is the only puzzle we're questing after at the moment.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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